Providing items to those families in need...

Our Art Of Giving

Need assistance or know someone who needs assistance? Our Art Of Giving offers items of comfort to individuals, families and organizations in need. Please see list below for categories. Additionally include as much information about the recipient(s). We are a non profit and try to help as much as we can, due to demand and items donated not all requests can be approved. Make sure to include, the city, we do work individuals and organizations nationwide.  

We understand that privacy is very important, if at this moment you do not have an email address, please feel free to use the email address  In the message please list any other way to contact you, via phone, mail, or friends social media.  

Requested categories:

(please note not all items are brand new, I.e. dvds, toys, etc)

Hygiene products (Child, Women, Men)

Toys (Please include age)

Games (Please include age)

Teen items

School Supplies (include grade level)


Family dvds/blurays

Books (kids, teens, adults)

Cleaning supplies

Animal cleaning supplies

Home items (towels, sheets, etc)

Performing Arts (tickets to OAOG shows)

Electronics (CD players, headphones, laptops)

Please list any other items that might be needed.  We use this list as a guideline.  

Thank you!