Providing items of comfort to those in need...

Our Art Of Giving

I'm Danny Beers. Yes, that's my real last name!

My professional background is in TV & Event Production & I moved to Chicago in 2011 to work for Ms. Winfrey at HARPO Studios. Then, after a few years working in LA, I found my way back to my favorite city of Chicago. COVID hit and, like a lot of Chicagoans, I lost my job. But, when life hands you lemons, what do we do? We make Lemon Drop Martinis! My martini was launching a donation drive for Chicago LGBT Seniors – and over the last year, I've raised over $20k and distributed thousands of pounds of food for our elders in the community. The martini must've been a double, because I was recently given the opportunity to partner with Our Art Of Giving to grow my mission even more. I'm so happy to be a part of the OAOG Team and cannot wait to continue providing items of comfort to those in need.